Thursday, November 25, 2010

Number Portbility FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What do you mean by Number Portability?
Number Portability allows consumers to keep their phone number when they switch operators.

Is Number Portability a necessity – why do we need it?
Number Portability is not required for phone services to work but it is an added convenience for consumers and businesses and a competitive differentiator for service providers. Without Number Portability consumers who wish to change service providers would not be able to keep the same phone number

What is the operator’s view on Number Portability?
It varies from operator to operator. Some operators are opposed to Number Portability because it does make the market more competitive; others support it because it opens new market opportunities and results in increased customer satisfaction. Interestingly, as number portability continues to rollout across the globe, operators have embraced it and the value it has provided to their subscribers.

What are costs and who will absorb them when number portability starts working?
Costs are absorbed according to regulatory mandate. Worldwide experience varies: in all cases the operators pay for upgrading their networks and IT systems; the receiving operator pays a one-time fee to the “Neutral Third Party Clearinghouse” or the Mobile Clearinghouse and in some cases the consumers pay a small one-time fee to the receiving operator.

Which are the benefits of number portability?
For the consumer:
a. Keep their telephone number no matter who their operator is
b. Maintain their identity and contacts
c. Better service bundles with lower prices.
2. For the industry
a. Updated networks which result in better services
b. One less barrier for competition, making competition on a more fair basis
c. Less entry barriers for new entrants

What is the status of NP in India today?
The Department of Telecoms (DoT) in India has awarded licenses for two mobile number portability clearinghouse vendors to operate clearinghouses in two zones within the country.

Why is the country divided into two zones for number portability?
The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) felt that the country be divide into two zones due to security and reliability reasons.

What circles are in Zone 2?
• Kolkata
• Tamil Nadu including Chennai
• Andhra Pradesh
• Karnataka
• Kerala
• Madhya Pradesh
• West Bengal
• Assam
• Bihar
• North East
• Orissa

How do the two zones affect the consumers when they wish to port? What rules apply to them regarding switching their number from one carrier to another within the same zone or not inside the same zone?
DOT has decided to implement Mobile Number Portability (MNP) within a circle. Thus a consumer can port their number to another service provider as long as it is done within their circle. Portability between other circles (called Inter circle portability) is not allowed as yet.

How does a consumer apply to switch their telephone number from one operator to another?
These business rules will be decided by TRAI and the operators


  • If you are a prepay customer and want to switch to DOCOMO Prepay: Walk into any of our retail outlets with a photocopy of valid  proof of address and proof of identity and a passport size photograph. Fill the subscription form  with valid 8 digit UPC code. (The UPC code can be taken from your existing operator- Simply sms "PORT <space> <10 digit mobile number which you wish to port> to 1900.
  • If you want to switch to DOCOMO Postpay:You can leave your details on our website or simply call us at 1800-266-0000. Our sales executive will approach you to get the formalities done. You will need to fill the subscription form and provide our sales representative with valid proof of address & proof of identity, a passport size photograph and copy of last paid bill to your current service provider.
Q. What documents are required for a mobile number portability request?
A. You need to submit:
  • Duly filled CAF form with UPC code details
  • Copy of valid Address and Identity proof
  • Copy of last bill paid to current service provider (in case of postpay customer)
  • Owneship cannot be changed.
Q. Do I need to pay any charges for switching to Tata DOCOMO?
A. Not a small fortune, just Rs.19 along with the application form & your documents.

Q. When will my number get ported after applying?
A. Soon! After you have applied and your documents have been submitted, we will send your request to your existing operator for validations, post which an intimation will be sent to you on exact time and date of switching on your mobile number. The entire process will take maximum 7 days as per timelines set by regulatory.
Q. Do I have to replace my SIM card?
A. Yes,  and why carry old baggage? Just replace your current SIM card with a new Tata DOCOMO SIM card and get talking.
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