Saturday, November 20, 2010

View Hidden Password Behind Asterisk (*) Character

Whenever you fill your credentials(Username & Password) while login into your online account, due to security reasons it shows only asterisk characters instead of your original password.

In browsers there is a feature to save your passwords. It automatically fills up the login credentials whenever you opened up the login page. But in this case also you can’t see the password of your account. However you can see the password by visiting the options panel of your browser.

Now consider the scenario where you are using public computer where your browser can’t help you by reminding you the passwords. Many web services such as online banking or mail services come with security login feature (https), these services give you only few chance (3 to 5 times) to enter the correct password. If you fail to do so then it may be possible that your account get banned or locked.

If at first time you know what you password are entering inside the login field, you can easily avoid bad situations. The easiest way to know what is hidden behind asterisk character is using bookmarklet.

What is  bookmarklet?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of bookmarklets, then its just a JavaScript that can be used in your browser’s url to do some repetitive tasks automatically. These scripts are called bookmarklets because they are normally stored as bookmarks on your browser’s bookmark bar. Check out the video below to see a bookmarklet in action,

Below is a link called View password, it is just a javascript which can make a asterisk code visible.

Drag the below given bookmarklet into your bookmark bar. Below given screenshot describes you how to drag it.

View Passwords
Now visit any webpage in which login is required. For example, let’s say Enter yourGmail ID & Password
. Now click on the bookmarklet on the bookmark bar which you dragged in previous step.
 A small dialog box appears displaying the password of your account. Here my password is toxicbird. Don’t try to login with this password in my account. Obviously it won’t work.
Those user who not drag the above given bookmarklet into your bookmark bar.

They first visit any webpage in which login is required. For example, let’s say Enter your Gmail ID & Password. Now u just copy below code and paste it in ur browsers address bar where u already
enter your Gmail ID & Password & press enter :-

Then, A small dialog box appears displaying the password of your account.
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